CA Inter Audit PD A40

3500 7000
CA Intermediate Auditing & Assurance (New Course) by CA Yogesh Verma
Language - Explanation in Hindi & Notes In English

Note - Due to lockdown - you will get google drive link which you can download and paste in your pen drive to make it pen drive lectures

Course Details:
1) Coverage of 100 marks of Auditing & Assurance for CA Intermediate students (Nov 20/ May 21)
2) Coverage of 100% illustrations and exercise questions of study material
3) 3 times videos can be viewed
4) Valid till 6 months from purchase
5) Doubts will be taken up in study groups (facility provided in app/website)
6) Batch duration is 50 hours but students can watch 3 times

System requirement - 

Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Windows 8/8.1/10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
DirectX 9.0c or Above
Processor: 2.67 GHz (dual core)
or 3.5 Ghz (Single Core Processor)
RAM: 2GB or more
Internet connection
Android 4.2 And Above

Graphics: NVidia/ATi/ Intel Extreme Graphics with minimum 256MB Video RAM and Core Clock 600 MHz