IT Ms Excel A30

500 5000

Microsoft Excel Training For Students Doing CA/CS/CMA/Graduation/XI-XII 

Language - Explanation in Hindi + English Mix 
Certification available on completion of the course and passing our test - Fees INR 500

Course will work on any device -- Mobile or Laptop/Desktop

Course is designed to equip students with basic excel skills required in a Job/Articleship

Topics Covered In Basic Course - 
1) Creating an excel file, entering data in excel, saving a workbook, reopening a saved workbook
2)  Hiding or unhiding rows/columns, creating multiple sheets within excel, renaming sheets, hiding/unhiding sheets
3) Formatting a data set (borders, cell alignment, cell coloring etc.), using excel toolbars and menus - like merging cell, format painter, creating lists etc.
4) Editing cells, inserting comments,  copy and paste special, filtering & sorting data, conditional formatting, copying filtered data
5) Using Formulas - Count, Sum, Average, Max, Min, If, Sumif, Sumifs, CountA, Countif, Vlookup,Trim , Concatenate/&, Proper
6) Creating charts and pivot tables, importing data into excel text to column, removing duplicate values
7) Inserting hyperlinks and objects within excel
8) Using various shortcuts in excel to work faster - cheat sheet
9) 4-5 case studies on practical work used in industry
10) Course can be viewed 2 times completely however chat facility/study group is available for 12 months 
11) Excel learning is never ending -- we will keep on exploring and uploading new content every week for 1 year

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