Mentoring A75

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Mentoring Session With Yogesh Verma (Career Counselor & Life Coach)

1) One to One personal interaction with Yogesh Verma
2) 30 Minutes discussion on Call/Whatsapp/Audio or Video as per your requirement
3) Best practical advice to be given as per your situation
4) Relax - Everything you share will be kept confidential

Why To Book Live Mentoring With Yogesh Verma
1) Yogesh Verma is Chartered Accountant and Graduate from Top undergraduate college in commerce SRCC DU
2) He did all this in adversity without the help of anyone & without appropriate resources
3) He always observed even smallest things very keenly since childhood - More than 15 years of experience
4) Guided more than 10000 students/Professionals through his Youtube Channel  or through personal counselling
5) Helped 1000s to come out of their adversity by advising the best practical solution as per their situation

You can book the session here as well - Click here

After booking the session Whatsapp payment screenshot on 8368479717 with your preferred time