Spoken English A44

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Improve Your Spoken English With Manisha Thakkar

Course designed for those who can understand English but not able to speak comfortably -- hence faculty will explain tricks & tips in Hindi + English to help you guys improve your Spoken English

Disclaimer - This course is only for those who can understand and speak English (tooti footi) but want a guidance & tips on improving their spoken English

Course Details:

1. Major topics are being covered with distinctive approach which helps in spoken English (Like Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Fluency, Interview skills, Top 10 tips to improve English)
2. Practical approach towards skill development
3. Topics are well elaborated with graphics
4. Live skype sessions with the faculty are chargeable separately - contact details provided in the video
5. Access will be provided in 24 hours of payment
6. Videos can be played on Laptop and mobile phones as well.

Notes -

Validity - 6 months subscription for the course 
Join study groups to interact with your peers -- more you interact more better you will become
Videos can be watched 3 times completely