Chartered Accountancy During Pandamic

Chartered Accountancy During Pandemic

Pursuing a Career in Chartered Accountancy Course in itself is a Challenging Call, while the global Pandemic is making it even more worse. Where on one side people are fighting for their mere survival, preparing for one of the toughest Professional exams takes a huge toll on the mental as well as physical state of a student. What to do then? How to study? How to engage yourself?

All these questions continuously lingers on one’s mind. Well, here are some tips and tricks that may help you out:
The first and foremost thing to do is to KEEP CALM & MEDITATE daily. A healthy mind leads to a healthy life! When everything seems beyond our control, we should take hold of the things that are under our control – Our Mind & Our Soul.

Next, we all are blessed with a loving family. In the hustle & bustle of life, we forget to give time to our loved ones. This Pandemic has brought us together and has given us the opportunity to relive our childhood. Life is enjoying us, why don’t we enjoy life!

Pandemic has given us an ample amount of time to cover the entire syllabus and revise on the hard topics more and more. We should utilize this opportunity as much as we can  try to revise atleast a few topics throughout the day, and practice question papers as much as one can. This would help us to retain the subjects and achieve mastery on hard topics.

Many faculties are providing the students with mentoring program along with crash course live at home. Even revisionary short videos are available at you tube , etc. to cope up with the tough chapters and subjects.  One should opt for that and enjoy this benefits.

Lastly, do whatever you like – study, play, rest, sleep, work, and cook; but, don’t lose hope! 

This Time Shall Too Pass

Written By
Aastha Sarawagi