Challenges In CA Course

Chartered Accountancy, being recognized as one of the toughest courses in the country. We are all very well aware about the levels, number of subjects and the trainings one has to undergo during the course. So, here in this blog I wont be talking about the things that we are already aware of, instead I would be talking about the actual hardships one goes throughout the journey, the life lessons one learns and what it actually takes to overcome all the obstacles. Someone has aptly said, "the obstacles in life come to test how strong you are." 

With the beginning of this journey there is a lot of pressure and I fear in the mind of the failure. The very simple reason for the same is lack of confidence. Even after studying for hours and bringing an end to the social life, we lack confidence. Why? With the experience of the same the reason that I found is, paying heads to so many mouths. The people around us who are pursuing the course tend to scare us so much that we lose all the confidence and waste hours being tensed about it. Those who cant lift themselves up have the tendency to bring you down. And, human mind falls easily in the trap. So, what is the solution for the same? Should we stop talking to everyone or isolate ourselves? Obviously Not. Running away from people and things would be temporary escape, it wont help in improving ourselves. What we can do is, do hear these people but dont listen to what they say. We need to train our brain in such a way that no external factor can shake the roots of our confidence. I know its difficult to do so when there are so many people around saying the same thing and there are so many YouTube channels the aim of whose is not to guide students but to just sell themselves. But once we decide to trust the process we are following and ensure ourselves that we are giving our 100%, no one can take that away from us. The fear of failure shouldnt stop us at any point. Giving our best is in our hands, the rest should not affect what is in our control. No one is going to tell us how to train our mind. But our mind is the key, the code and the pattern. And, it is of utmost importance for us to keep peace there.

With the passage of time and clearing of levels, there comes different challenges in this journey. Of course, there are best teachers out there to teach us and firms to train us. But, the one who has been through it knows the challenges and hardships. We make frustration our partner and that my friend is not got for the mental health. Now, how to overcome that? No doubt, it is difficult to maintain the work - life balance. Just think of the day when we decided to be a CA, for once you will start accepting that yes everything is worth it. But, this will keep happening and thats the moment when we start blaming everyone for our situation. The Institute, the Principal, the Teachers and what not. Will any of this ever help? NEVER. To be honest, no theory works here.

The only thing to stay positive and calm is meditation at this point. Various breathing techniques are one of the quick ways to calm ourselves. It is a bitter truth that there will be long working hours during the articleship, there will be tuitions, there will be self - study and you would want to have some time for yourself. Trust me, we are capable of managing it all by just keeping peace in our mind. 

The more we keep ourselves calm, composed and positive, the more likely we are to get better results. One of the many things that this course teaches us is PATIENCE. We can just sit and adore those who have qualified or look at the other side of coin and learn. The other side of coin here is, the challenges they have faced, the difficult roads they have walked through and the oceans they have crossed. Its always advised to take positive attributes of a personality and that to going to help us a lot in this journey. We have a really amazing yet full of challenges journey ahead. And, these life lessons that we learn now are going to be us for the rest of or life. So, its better to face these challenges and earn from them rather than running away and seeking temporary solutions.

Written By
Aishwarya Khator