Success Story - CA Rajendra Sah

In Conversation With CA Rajendra Sah

When did you cleared CA Final exams
November 2018

At what age you became CA

What was your biggest source of inspiration for doing CA course 
I was born and brought up in a sixteen-member joint family in Nepal. My father was a kabadiwala (scrap dealer) and had seven children including me. No one in my family was into studies so they all joined our father’s business after their schooling. But unlike them, I had different plans for myself. I didn’t wanted to settle in my life; I wanted to do something more, achieve more. I was good at studies as well. So I decided to pursue CA course in the hope that it will bring a great change in my life

Please specify from where you did your graduation and mode
I completed my B.Com from IGNOU, through correspondence

Have you done CA by Foundation Route or Direct Entry Route
CA Foundation Route

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your entire CA journey
As I was from Nepal, language difference was the main problem that I had to face in the beginning. I remember the days I sat clueless in my IPCC coaching classes, trying to make sense of the English and Hindi words that I hear. It was extremely frustrating to me because I was unable to understand the concepts. During those days neither I had any friend nor any guidance. Due to the same and many other reasons, I failed multiple times in IPCC. This has created some self-doubt in me. People also used to make fun of me for pursuing CA course; they used to say "kabadiwala ka baccha kabadiwala hi banega" i.e. a scrap dealers son can become a scrap dealer only. This used to hurt me and motivate me at the same time.  Then during CA Final, I had to face financial problems and lack of support from the family as well. 

How important is the role of coaching classes in CA course (Is it manageable to become CA completely by self study - whats your take)
Coaching is helpful in the sense that it helps us in getting concept clarity. It also gives us an idea regarding how to study and what to study. It is manageable to complete CA completely by self-study. There are students who have done that. But I think it would be time consuming. My opinion would be to choose coaching for at least some subjects where you have difficulty in studying

How you found the right firm for your articleship - what process you followed and what role reference played in your selection
I joined a small sized CA Firm for articleship with the help of some seniors. There was an small interview and I joined the firm after that. Reference doesnt played any role in my selection.

What work you learned in CA Articleship
Practical experiences relating to accounting, auditing, tax and company law.
Like book-keeping, return-filing, assessments, scrutiny, company audit, certifications etc.

Have you applied for CA Industrial Training 

How you prepared for CA Foundation, Intermediate & Final
I passed CPT in the first attempt itself. It was mainly because I was good at Mathematics and I scored well in mathematics.
IPCC was the toughest period for me. I took coaching classes from Faridabad itself. I took 4 attempts to clear group 1 and 4  attempts for group 2. I used to study alone only, as group study didnt worked for me.
I passed CA final in my 2nd attempt that was in November, 2018

If you have failed multiple times in CA, then its okay. In my case, my repeated failures reminded me that there is something that needs to be changed in my life. I took it seriously and decided to transform my life. And it is that transformation which helped me to clear my CA Final exams easily. So set a compelling goal for yourself and work hard to for it. I would only say one thing here, as somebody said, "FORGET YOUR MISERIES AND FOCUS ON WINNING"

Are you doing Practice, Job or Business
Im currently a Practicing CA.  I am also an Author, Trainer and Students Mentor

How you got your first job
My first job was in CA Firm in Faridabad. I got it through some reference by my seniors

Your Present Organization & Designation
Partner at SVARAJ & Associates

What final advice you would like to give to budding CA aspirants which they should take care of in their CA Journey
We always focus & give priority to our exams, career, dreams & goals, but in hindsight either we forget or skip or ignore the things associated with them. Accordingly, doing the hardcore study is not enough. You have to give importance to all the things related to study, that may be your friend circle, your health, your family members, study rooms, arrangements of books & furniture, your classes & study materials, your financial condition, your sex life, teachers, your daily habits, the society where you are living, daily distance you travel, your office, your boss, etc.
Most of the time we dont want to talk about these things, although our performance depends on them as well. Even our parents never ask "how is life going on". They always talk about studies, results & career. But until or unless you are fully prepared or you have control over these things, you cant give your 100%