Success Story - CA Aditi Jaiswal

In Conversation With CA Aditi Jaiswal

When did you cleared CA Final exams 
Nov 2020

At what age you became CA

What was your biggest source of inspiration for doing CA course
My Father

Please specify from where you did your graduation and mode
I have completed my graduation in commerce from Mohanlal Sukhariya University. One can easily manage college with articleship as ICAI allows people pursuing graduation through Distance learning

Have you done CA by Foundation Route or Direct Entry Route
CA Foundation Route

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your entire CA journey
My biggest challenge as a student was being the student. I had never lived away from home before, and I experienced severe homesickness

How important is the role of coaching classes in CA course (Is it manageable to become CA completely by self study - whats your take)
Just as much as an athlete on a running track needs a coach to train with-setting measurable targets each day with the intent of improving performance, both in terms of speed and technique, aspirants desirous of acing the CA exam can greatly benefit from having a mentor. I managed Paper 3, 4 & 6 by doing self study. But for other subjects I took classes. Because it helps us to work smarter. No doubt ICAIs material is must for all subjects. One should not skip those resources.

How you found the right firm for your articleship - what process you followed and what role reference played in your selection
As I wanted to gain exposure to different fields, I went for a mid size firm. As per my opinion, references are helpful but are not essential if you are capable enough of demonstrating your skills and knowledge.

What work you learned in CA Articleship
I have gained practical exposure in the field of taxation, auditing, ROC & RERA related compliances. I have learnt prioritizing and organising tasks & managing multiple projects and meeting multiple deadlines effectively

Have you applied for CA Industrial Training

How you prepared for CA Foundation, Intermediate & Final
After giving last paper of class 12th, I left home and shifted to hostel for my CPT preparations. It was my first ever coaching in the life and I cleared CPT June 2016 attempt. Then I started classes for IPCC for may 2017 attempt(so busy in studying that I ignored my fever which then lead to complicated typhoid fever in the last months which disturbed my studies completely) But I cleared my group 1 in May 2017 attempt(missed group 2 because of ITSM) and then I cleared my second group in Nov 2017 attempt. For finals I started classes one at a time. I completed classes for SCMPE, FR, SFM & then self study for Audit & law. Then I completed classes for DT, IDT during AITT & MCS. And then self study for all subjects including Economic law. Exams were scheduled in May 20 and due to pandemic my exams were postponed again and again. Finally I appeared in Nov 2020 Eaxminations (Best decision of my life). Thus I cleared CA FINAL both groups in the very first attempt Nov 20(If may 20 attempt happened, I might be CA at the age of 19) I scored 82 marks in Economic law(6D) through self study only. 
Multiple revisions is the key to success. And I used to study alone.

Are you doing Practice, Job or Business

How you got your first job - Journey in short (was it easy)
I attended campus organised by ICAI and got placed. The journey was not easy because of stiff competition and pandemic thing. I took guidance from my seniors, friends and other successful professionals. LinkedIn helped me a lot in building networks and improvising myself.

Your Present Organization & Designation
Financial Analyst at Accenture Solution Private Limited

What final advice you would like to give to budding CA aspirants which they should take care of in their CA Journey 
Hardwork never goes in vain. There is no shortcut to success. Consistent behavior, multiple revisions & disciplinary approach is must. Limiting time on social media can actually help you to concentrate and improve the things that are important