Become CA After Graduation

Want to do CA after your Graduation
Check these FAQs:
1) Who can become CA through direct entry - Anyone from commerce stream who has scored (55% in their graduation/post graduation), for other stream 60% 2) How these percentage is calculated -- It is the average of 3 years/4 years i.e. marks obtained in all semesters/total marks 3) What if we have CGPA/Grading system -- You have to refer the guidance issued by your university to convert grades into marks. If there is no guidance issued then treat 1 CPGA = 10% so you need 5.5 CGPA for commerce students and 6 CGPA other stream students (this is also average of all semester) 4) When can I register for the course -- Once you appear for your final exams of graduation -- and you think you will be meeting the minimum percentage set above then you can provisionally register after the final year exams are over 5) When can I do Orientation & IT training -- Once you have given your final year exams and registered provisionally in CA Intermediate -- you can enroll for OT & IT Training before starting your practical training 6) When I will be eligible to start practical training -- From the next day when your final year results are announced (provided you have done OT & IT training and your average score is maintained 55%/60% as the case may be) 7) When I can appear for CA Inter Exams --- After completing 9 months of practical training i.e. to give exams in Nov 20 you need to register on or before 1-Feb-20 and to give exams in May 21 you need to register on or before 1-Aug-20 8) What if my final year results are announced on or after 2-Aug-20 will I be eligible to appear in exams in May 21 -- No, you will be able to appear in Nov 21 exams and onward 9) How to register -- First register here in CA Intermediate - click here once done then register for IT & OT training - click here 10) In case you want us to do everything for you write to us @